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Some may think millennials are lazy, entitled, and selfish. However, when it comes to money, millennials are quite the opposite: they are diligent, conservative, and cautious. Why? In short, they’re scared.  They’ve come of age during the worst economic environment since the Great Depression. They’ve watched the housing market crumble, the global financial system teeter on the brink of collapse, and their parents’ retirement savings plunge along with the stock market.  Because these experiences have been burned into their minds, and because good jobs remain scarce, millennials are skeptical of the stock market and other “risky” investments. As a generation, they are as conservative as their grandparents.

Unfortunately, millennials cannot plan to rely—as their parents and grandparents have—on pensions and social security in retirement. There simply won’t be enough to go around. An aging population and rising debt levels mean millennials will face unique challenges. If they want to achieve financial prosperity they will need to invest to build long-term wealth.  But how? Especially when they’re afraid to take risks?

In Millennial Money, Patrick O’Shaughnessy shows you how. Young people today are equipped with tools, information, and perspective that were not available or accessible to previous generations. They also have the best possible investing advantage: youth itself. Their unique access to global markets and their very long time horizon mean that millennials can be the most successful investing generation ever. But they must start investing early and buck conventional market strategies. O’Shaughnessy shows Millennials that to be successful, they need to go global, be different, and get out of their own way. He explains where to invest, what to look for in an investment strategy, and how to avoid the most common mistakes that we tend to make with our investments.

Armed with this proven strategy, millennials will have the tools they need to understand not only why they need to invest now, but how to do so successfully.

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